Top 5 Must-Ask Questions Before Committing to an Internet Service Provider

It is a common practice for every business to ask certain questions about the service it is about to get, isn’t it?

Just a quick recap, from one of our previous blogs, we have tackled the things you and your business should know in selecting a business Internet provider in Metro Manila. We mentioned there the essential matters and considerations you have to evaluate before taking or letting such ISP into play as your connection and access (talking about whether it is your business’ primary or secondary support).

Now, we are going to have the questions you should ask before subscribing to an Internet Service Provider. Ready? Let’s start! As we move forward with the next chapter, the must-ask queries or questions you should ask for a potential Internet Provider for your business or company. 

Here are the top 5 questions you should ask for an Internet Service Provider:

1. Does your company provide or give best-effort support in delivering high quality and super-fast Internet for Business Services?

It is never a wrong idea to bring up straight-to-the-point ideas and inquiries in mind especially if you are one of the decision-making staff representing your business or company. 

Asking about an Internet provider’s best effort when it comes to their access and connection is a way of assessing the value of what they are offering to your business. Another means of determining their capacity is through asking and listening from their client’s testimonials. Where to get this?

Indulge in browsing through and through on their websites or available social media accounts. The rates in their feedback section are most likely a reliable source. Agree? Think of this, knowing in advance the efforts of your potential partner can lead you to better decision-making results. Better fulfilled than sorry, partner!

2. Is the ISP providing speed and reliability?

The next question you should ask your possible connection partner is, are the speeds promoted guaranteed and reliable. 

Because why not? It is a matter that we always say or reiterate for every write-up we do, remember that whatever type or size of business you are in, speed and reliability are the main strengths for your connection and communication building. 

It is important to ask and learn about the ISP’s speed capacity as well as the supporting services. With this kind of information, you are also inquiring about the productivity boost that the provider can deliver to your organization. So, never hesitate to ask the question that can help your company increase productive performance at work.

3. What is the timeframe for the installation proper?

Alright, this is the time where we go a little bit technical. Another thing your company must ask about is the timeframe of their installation. How long will it take and why is that?

Before you do the closing of your company’s subscription contract deal with your picked Internet Service Provider, it is of great note to know and receive a reasonable installation timeframe.

In this part, you have to think about the pros and cons of their submitted timeline, how it will affect your business’ operations, and yes, the productivity. And just a speedy note, in today’s setup, most businesses are highly dependent on proven fast and effectively reliable Internet service. Okay? Okay, do not forget that fact.

With this, the sooner they can provide and install your connection, the better and way advantage for your business. 

But wait, we hear you ask, what if the installation will be conducted in the area for the first time? Yes, we are prepared to answer that is why we will be giving you the factors you should consider learning from your preferred provider:

3.1 Inquire on the existing conduit running to the building for Fiber;

3.2 The vicinity of the closeness of the Fiber Network from your company’s location;

3.3 Does Fiber Connection in the given area feasible?

3.4 How much outside infrastructure must be installed? How about inside?

3.5 And lastly, consider asking this: By any chance, will there be any delay in obtaining the essential construction permits?

These sub-questions are also important in plotting out concrete plans for your company or organization’s communication and connection. Make sure to take note of these!

4. What if your company wants an ISP upgrade?

Right after the initial inquiry about the installation details, we now move on with this question.

We all know that there are now several Internet Providers in the Philippines who are doubling their marketing efforts as well as expanding their services to promote and disseminate their service “advantage” towards their target customers.

The real question is, is this worthy of a company’s sign-up? The answer is still not defined because businesses are continuously experiencing common yet annoying Internet connectivity problems at work which lead them to look and search for a better provider that can deliver the suited business access and connection and benefit them when it comes to higher productivity.

Oh, we are now heading to our last important question so make sure you are taking notes!

5. What is an ISP complete listing of cost?

And for our last question before committing, may the company know the complete listing of cost?

Of course, your company does! We believe that one of the initial things you do before getting a new or upgrade of ISP is to check on what is advertised, whether it is published online or offline as long as it catches your attention, you tend to know more about this connectivity provider.

But, here is a thing, you must know as well that not everything you read or see on these advertisements is the complete picture of the “perfect provider” you and your company is looking for. 

What are the other things you should know about? The complete listing of cost might comprise of the following:

– The monthly service fee

– Equipment rental fee

– Connection fee

– Service fee

– Reconnect fee

– Convenience fee

– Voice or data fee

– Data overage fee

– Service Plan upgrade fee

– Monthly recurring fee or charges

– Early termination fee

– Paper statement fee

– Late payment fee

– Unreturned equipment fee

Above all, as a corporate client, you must be aware that these fees or charges may or may not apply depending on the given and presented terms and conditions of the ISP.

And with all that discussed, we are certain that there is this one major goal you have in hand – to get served with high speed and genuinely reliable connectivity service from the Internet Service Provider in the Philippines. And we are here to give you the good news!

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By Mhiduel Navarro