Safe Internet NOW: Cyberinc Provides Security Anytime, Anywhere

You keep scrolling and scrolling through, until an unfamiliar Ad pops out saying, “You win a prize!” without registering your business to any sort of online contest, suspicious, isn’t it?

The Internet has now been around for many years and several businesses have been heavily reliant on using it. As just like in the real world, virtual business spaces are prone to dangers – cyber attacks.

So, what are the types of cyber attacks that every business should know and how to stay protected against those?

With this, we are giving you a few of the major kinds of cyber threats to prevent before it gets to your system:

  1. Ransomware – a kind of malicious software that affects & infects your computer and displays messages asking a fee for your system to go back to normal.
  2. Phishing – defined as fraud activity of sending emails imitating to be from reputable companies to entice its target and get the data & information.
  3. Weak web-security – this gives easier access to cyber attackers for them to exploit and gain unauthorized access.

But, worry no more because there’s an ISP that provides network security! Through InfiniVAN’s solid partnership with Cyberinc, your business access and connection is now guaranteed with high-speed and full security!

Moreover, Cyberinc ensures a safe Internet for Business by proactively stopping web, email, and document-based threats that are common activities for such business. 

What are you waiting for? Get secured and reliable access with InfiniVAN Fiber4Business, we’ve got your company covered!

Learn more, drop us a call at (02) 7-368-52-32, or send us an email via TODAY.

By Mhiduel Navarro