FLASH REVIEW: Does Upgrading To Fiber Connection Mean A Thing?

By Mhiduel Navarro

First off, do you have any idea on what a Fiber Internet connection is ALL ABOUT? 

We all know that before getting or switching to another Internet Service Provider or ISP, we have sets of considerations to be evaluated to decide on what is the right connectivity fit and a provider that can deliver what is missing, agree on this?

And that is why we are here! We will run-through through the connectivity updates you as well as your business should not miss including on what things you should know about features these Fiber Optic Internet Providers in the Philippines must-have. Ready your notes because it will be a whole lot for a summary!

What is Fiber Optic Connectivity then?

But, before anything else, let us define Fiber Internet and how it is different from other mediums used to provide such a business an Internet connection. For basic and important knowledge, Fiber Optic Connection or Fiber Internet is generally defined as a broadband connection that provides a speed up to 940 Megabits per second (Mbps) with less to zero lag or downtime. 

Moreover, this connectivity technology uses a Fiber-optic cable that enables your business to send data as fast as 70% the speed of light (Yes, you read it right – the speed of light!). This advancement makes sense as we continue to innovate and explore the advantages of our current technology offers. By far, it is seen that Fiber connectivity guarantees enough speed to both individual or enterprise Internet needs.

To add more sense to our Fiber journey and why your enterprise shall upgrade with it, see points below and let your thoughts connect the Fiber thing:

See this quick list:

  • Fiber Optic Internet Connectivity is way more reliable than the traditional DSL and cable Internet which both depend on copper wires to send in information or data unlike with Fiber cables that carry light resulting in real-time speed and connectivity
  • Secondly, a thing about choosing a Fiber connection as your company’s upgrade is that your business won’t have to worry about distance signals. If you have experienced signal disruptions due to distance with your copper wire connection – well, never again with your upgraded Fiber access!
  • Next to our to-remember stuff is that by changing your connection with Fiber support, you and your company will experience a likable result with guaranteed speed and reliability at a very reasonable cost! Isn’t it great?

So, how is it going now? After learning these factors about Fiber’s performance and perks you can now have a better picture of why you should get an upgrade, oh wait, not just an upgrade but the best shift you are about to make.

At this point, we are now moving forward with your final thoughts on the decision to upgrade – Is it a yes or approve? We will see. Why does Fiber connection best suit your business overall access and connectivity needs?

So, why Fiber upgrade?

On our previous blogs (oh, you must be a partner), we have already mentioned the advantages with almost no disadvantages of getting a Fiber Internet connection for your business as well as even shared the most important ISP qualities that an enterprise shall consider. 

Hence, we are still giving you and the company additional keys, not to convince but to let you know why Fiber Internet is the right one for your company (Simply because we are not stopping in keeping you up-to-date and upgraded!)

Also, it is equally important to know that local businesses are now starting to regain their losses and bridge the gaps made in between due to the pandemic. And finding the best Fiber Internet in the Philippines can be a little challenging this time around because decision-makers are definitely in focus on picking the ideal one with many available options around.

With no further talks, let us get straight to answering these never-ending how’s and doubts.

Why is Fiber Internet the right connection for business? 

An ideal Fiber Internet connection in the Philippines must give a company peace of mind and assurance when it comes to delivering dedicated, smooth, speedy, and dependable connections. This relates to the growing and fast-changing demand for technology as it continues to evolve to more usable & convenient forms for many sectors. 

Nothing more than its real purpose, by giving the right amount of bandwidth in support of every operation an enterprise has will address success, right? And with the advancing technology which is the unstoppable digital revolution that companies shall look forward to as well. This is the business phase where no establishment should ever miss.

Never get lost with what matters, speed, and reliability. Switching to a better provider is not just a decision but a game-changer in the middle of a competitive business world.

Look no further because InfiniVAN Fiber4Business got your business covered with its unlimited Fiber broadband experience, your enterprise will get more results rather than excuses. Learn more with us!

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