Why is Internet Expensive in the Philippines?


If we are going to look at the current situation all over the world going specific to the Philippines, the Internet has now become a necessity. Who would not agree?

As for the business side, it is of great need and importance to have available, high-speed, and reliable Internet connectivity. It is because technology is never constant but a fast-moving part of our daily advancements. 

The Filipinos are known as ever curious minds about different technologies that can improve their business, companies, or even their ventures, here goes an important part of every Internet Provider in the Philippines for Business

According to Yahoo News Singapore, the Philippines ranked one of the lowest when it comes to average broadband and mobile speeds in the report index in August 2020 from Ookla. The country has gotten the 199th spot among the 139 countries included in the report, for broadband – with 25.34 Mbps, the Philippines placed in the 106th spot out of 174 countries on the same report.

So, how come that we hear these sentiments about the Internet in the country being expensive? For today’s exciting guide, we are going to discuss Fiber matters on prices and services that will answer (we so hope!) one of the tough questions mainly of the business connectivity consumer.

How is that? Get your notes ready and we are going to dive in! We are going to discuss the 2 common and general justifications of the Internet Service Providers in the Philippines for Business (that not everyone is aware of). 

  1. One of the major reasons why the Internet is tagged as expensive in the Philippines is because of its geographical location, the country has 7,000 islands (Woah!). With this fact, it is seen as one of the struggles in building and constructing networks that will provide the needed accessibility and connectivity infrastructure. 

Moreover, the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) process itself of building the kind of infrastructure takes a lot of effort and paperwork before the actual network construction. 

From the inside and outside plan going to permitting from the barangays to the city of municipal covered areas including the permits an ISP will be needing from different related agencies up to the in-person works – these steps require a planned and detailed set-up to successfully deploy the device or network to supply the connectivity needs of each client. 

  1. The next factor will be the concerns with Cell Towers and Fiber Optic Cables Facilities in the Philippines. Published in 2020 spot.ph article, there is a lack of the needed telecommunications infrastructure here in the Philippines. This problem is hugely seen connected with the archipelago of the country. 

Due to thousands of Philippine islands surrounded by the ocean and sea, the requirement for laying a fiber optic cable in the Philippines requires a huge amount of investment to successfully achieve an effective infrastructure for the growing telecommunications and communications needs of the several businesses in the country.

Yes, laying a line or Fiber Optic is not that easy as we say, it will need complete paper works and operations before the deployment proper.

Are you getting it yet? By now, we are informed that the topography of the country has something to do with the requirements and capacity checking of the area before a communications provider proceeds with the execution of the network infrastructure.

Oh wait, do not go yet because we are just halfway through this interesting discussion. As we have mentioned earlier, the Philippines is known as one of the countries with expensive Internet connectivity yet reportedly one of the countries with slow Internet accessibility and connectivity, again why?

There are several Internet Service Providers in the Philippines for Business that are said to continue in developing and improving their network infrastructures and facilities to serve fast and reliable connectivity for the businesses mainly those located in the Central Business District Areas or CBDs. 

We guess that you are now thinking about possible ways on how the country can achieve real fast connectivity. Of course, there is!

It is the fast-moving and advancing Fiber Optic Technology. In our previous articles, we have already stated the definition of Fiber Optic Technology and how it differs from the traditional Internet connectivity that uses copper.

But, as we always do, that is to keep you informed and updated, Fiber Optic Technology or Fiber Optics is defined as the technology that is used to transmit or deliver information in the form of pulses of lights via strands of Fiber made of glass or plastic over long distances.

And yes, if you are wondering if the Internet Service Providers in the Philippines for Businesses are venturing into this technology, without a doubt, they do! 

There are a lot of connectivity providers now that offer this Fiber Optic Connection which delivers a faster and way more dedicated kind of accessibility. With this, it is already considered as an expansion for the many businesses and corporations in line with the connection and communications.

By deploying Fiber Optics in possible areas, we can ensure less to zero Internet connectivity issues conveying a better and improved performance at work. Through Fiber Technologies, the promise of cost-effective investment on the Internet for Business Connectivity is now within the reach of various business owners and company decision-makers.

On top of that, building, construction, and installation of the needed infrastructure in the deployment proper of the Fiber Technology is seen as one of the reasonable investments and activities for most of the telecommunications companies in the country. 

Also for your awareness and knowledge, for every installation, there is a different type of cable for every installation activity. And to discuss that further, you better keep in touch with our page and we will keep you posted (winks).

And here we are with the answer you are looking for, the solution to the aged problem of Internet connectivity in the country. 

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By Mhiduel Navarro