Why Aren’t You Getting the Internet Speeds You’re Paying For?


By Mhiduel Navarro 

Checking on the quality of service of what you are paying for is important to every business, it will give you the reflection of its value and worth. No one company would ever want to pay for nothing, right?

One of today’s major players in giving an essential service is the Internet Providers. With the growth of several advancements and innovations, an Internet Provider must strive to meet the requirements of different companies, establishments, or enterprises.

But once connected and subscribe, here lies an important question from most of the businesses, why aren’t you getting the Internet speed you are paying for

Let us find out related factors that will give you answers and a definite clarification. Ready? To start with, identifying the actual and advertised Internet speed offers.

Whenever a business owner or decision-maker looks for the right Internet Service Provider, their major references are the advertisements they are seeing from various ISPs or telecommunications companies. They first look into the plans presented going down to the needed details for their application. 

So, how to carefully cross-check if you are picking up the right provider for your business’s connection and communication? See these helpful pointers and guide:

  • Check on the Mbps or its bandwidth capacity. Choosing the right Internet connection is also getting the suited speed for your business. Keep in mind that not everything you see can give its actual service. (You may check on our previous articles for further reference, high-five!)
  • Sight on the type of connection they are offering, is it the traditional cable connection or the advanced and latest Fiber Connectivity? Just a quick input, Fiber connection is known as one of the fastest medium used and offered by many Internet Providers in the Philippines for its “speed of light characteristics.”
  • Lastly, take note of your providers’ choice area of feasibility because of distance matters. Related to this, you may want to consider trying out their free trial for you to be able to check if this ISP can deliver hassle-free connectivity in your business. 

Moreover, for you to ensure the worth of the service you are about to avail of, you must know the requirements of your business and test if it fits your operations and transactions. Remember the most common yet important thing to do, the speed test

Take note that the speed test provides you a measure of the speed between a device and a test server using the device’s Internet connectivity.

Now that we are done with sorting these marketed or offered plans, moving forward is the actual checking of the provider’s capacity to serve your business with the much-needed speed. 

We are now going to know the actual measurement and identification of the right access provider. For this, there are three major elements you need to check and evaluate:

  1. Upload Speed – It is very essential to learn the upload speed capability of the Internet Provider you are choosing, especially when you are running a business to which upload is the primary communication to your clients. Again, the faster, the better. Who would not want a smooth and direct transaction?
  1. Download Speed – Of Course, if there is an upload speed, you should also have a great download speed or else, you can expect the worst.
  1. Your business’s operations and activities – And when you are determined with your business’s connection choice, do the internal evaluation. Assess your business’s activities. Are you heavily-reliant on a strong Internet connection or the common office set with sending and receiving of emails as well as processes?

There you have it! Are we making sense now? If you do not see any of the above clarifications, then think again about the provider you currently have or about to get. Don’t let your company suffer from idle connections that can hamper success.

Although these things may sound detail-demanding, it is always and always better safe than sorry. Yup, this one applies to what we are talking about right now. Like we always say on our blogs, we do not want a business client to experience bad times and headaches all because of an inefficient Internet for a business connection.

Being cost-effective is crucial for many Internet Service Providers in the Philippines. Therefore, a careful assessment, checking, and speed testing must be done. And we know that this is a bit challenging, especially when your business is in an urgent state of having the right fit connectivity provider.

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