What is the Difference Between Megabits and Megabytes – Does It Matter?

By Mhiduel Navarro

We all heard of the speed and reliability stuff whenever we talk about the Internet. As to this day, we can now mean or refer to it as the Fiber Internet, the latest with high-speed and reliability features as well as the most popular type of connectivity that every business can get. 

So, how about we go on the techy side today? Have you ever heard of the words megabits and megabytes? Alright, much of the asking. Let us start digging into what these are and how these matter with our businesses’ Internet connection and efficiency.

It is all about the broadband speeds being offered by various Internet Service Providers (ISPs) for businesses in the form of mega or gigabytes. To define, the term “megabit” or most commonly known as Megabits per second (Mbps) refers to the speed of our business connection and the measurement of data transfer speed. Mbps is equivalent to 1 million bits per second. On the other hand, we use “megabyte” as the measurement most commonly used to picture both a hard drive space and the memory storage capacity. 

The Fiber Internet connection in the Philippines creates not just a boost for business productivity but also convenience for many businesses because Fiber Internet can deliver speed up to 1 gigabit per second, which is a measure higher than the megabyte (another bonus learning, partners!).

Going back to bits and bytes, why are these two matters?

For many Fiber Optic Internet Providers in the Philippines, they usually brand and promote their services with these numbers. But wait, as an entrepreneur or the organization’s decision-maker, you must be fully aware of what it is all about. And if your company is getting the right “amount” of Fiber connectivity for your business. (And that is why we are here.)

Let’s put a brief example of the connectivity measures your company should have by taking a look at these prefixes:

  • 1,024 kilobytes are equivalent to 1 megabyte
  • 1,024 megabytes are equivalent to 1 gigabyte
  • 1,024 gigabytes are equivalent to 1 terabyte

There is more! Here is a set of on-the-go figures and measurements for your further reference:

  • 25 megabits per second are equivalent to 3.125 megabytes per second
  • 100 megabits per second are equivalent to 12.5 megabytes per second
  • 1 gigabit per second is equivalent to 125 megabytes per second

And just like that, you and the company can easily figure out the offers and plans you are planning to subscribe to a Fiber Internet Service Provider here in the Philippines.

We are just halfway through our techy discussion. By providing this kind of information to you, we aim to make you more reasonable in choosing the right provider for your business. It is not just about the numbers presented or offered, but more on the value of corporate assistance and support you are getting with such a provider. Like, who would want to get compromised?

So, what does this all mean? Is it important for us to go beyond this side and make ourselves understand these figures and numbers? Well, sort of a kind. Trust us, you can get much of the benefit you deserve by knowing this thing (high-five!)

Given all of the available ISPs’ offers and promotions, you must also look into the bandwidth and its value to the type of service you have and should never hesitate to ask these questions:

  • Are the plans true to its bandwidth?
  • Is it cost-efficient? Are there any hidden charges with this plan or offer?
  • Does it have better technical assistance and support?
  • Is it available in your business/company area?

We have already prepared a way more detailed article on this, but just like we have said, we will never get tired of providing you important information when it comes to your access and connectivity needs.

And by knowing the value of those bandwidth figures you are seeing is a matter of having the right choice. Remember, these numbers and proposals can sometimes be deceiving, so choose to be wise rather than to be compromised.

Where then can you get guaranteed and unlimited bytes of advanced corporate connectivity?

Always look for the deeper connectivity and communication features and benefits your company will have, your business can have with the best Fiber Internet in the Philippines – InfiniVAN Fiber4Business.

With its readily available corporate Fiber Internet plans, your business can ensure not just productivity but also total connectivity with limitless opportunities. No hassle, just the right amount of Mbps to fasten up those piling workloads and queuing online business meetings!

How is that for your office connection? You will get to experience unlimited connectivity and peace of mind with our 24/7 monitoring and technical support. Better choose and switch with an ISP that is true to its action, not just with bytes but with immeasurable services. 

Be FiberConnected today, partner!

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