Top Five Reasons Why Businesses Switch ISP


By Mhiduel Navarro

If it is no longer serving the right service, then it’s time to quit and change.

When we talk about being practical and wise, many of us would agree with the statement above. Starting with the main reason why we avail of service is that we want to go beyond our capabilities and the results we are receiving.

As for the businesses and companies, acquiring such a service is a great help when it comes to improving their facilities and operations. Right?

In today’s business needs and demands, one of the essential services that all companies are looking for is an effective Internet Service Provider in the Philippines for business or corporate ISPs. It is because the Internet serves as the primary tool, especially in this time wherein virtual connectivity keeps the purpose and communication coming.

But again, why do companies change or switch their current provider in the Philippines? Let us find out.

So, here is our Top Five (5) Main Reasons Why Businesses Switch their ISP (and they learn to choose the better one), arranged from the least to the greatest WHYs:

  1. Everybody is familiar with having a Limited Budget. This concern is most common for start-up businesses or companies who are aiming to get “practical yet effective” business essentials. Internet costs depend on the carrier or provider. But, wait – it’s 2020! We are sure that there is the right provider for your business that can meet your requirements and the one that is competitively-priced!
  2. Availability or serviceability of the ISP in the area hits our number four spot. There is already a long list of connectivity providers in the Philippines, yet there are only limited ISPs who can cater and serve efficient corporate connectivity. And yes, the availability of your ISP’s lines and access is of great importance in knowing the right provider for your business.
  3. For the third point, a company must have a consistent 24/7 technical assistance and monitoring. A service provider must not only be good at promotion but also keen on its services and commitments, or otherwise, it is just for show. Agree? 
  4. An Internet Provider in the Philippines for Business is said to be of better quality and choice if it has guaranteed speed and connectivity. This lands our second to the last reason or factor why businesses opt to change their ISP. Accessibility, speed, and reliability are all essential connectivity factors for businesses. Because these are the elements that help a company to achieve not just better but great results. Moreover, these companies can not just have one of these features but ALL. 
    Why? It is because these elements are the characteristics needed for us to say that we got the right connectivity provider.
  5. And the number one reason why businesses switch ISP is having an accommodative and responsive Customer Service Assistance. Do we have to reiterate this one? Definitely! A service nowadays is not just defined by the service itself but with value, a business or company is getting. 

We can say that this one sums up everything we have talked about earlier. This is a crucial part of every corporate Internet Service Provider in the Philippines. It is basically what most corporate clients are looking for, a dependable customer service that can attend to their issues and concerns when it comes to their access and connection. 

Furthermore, customer service is what companies see as the reflection of their Internet provider. The CS will give the value and answer if the businesses are getting what they paid and signed up for. Trust us, it is important to consider. And we won’t get tired of saying this all the time (How about a high-five?)

There you have it, the five main reasons why companies have decided to alter their current access provider. But wait again, we still have some matters to look into and know about, this one goes in choosing the right provider (Fiber Reminder: This is just a teaser!) 

As for the businesses or establishments who are a hundred percent sure about changing their provider, do take note that – if you are about to change, then change for the better. Now that you have concrete and reasonable ideas, you, as your company’s decision-maker, will have an easier understanding and evaluation of your prospective Internet Service Provider in Philippines for Business.

Choosing a powerful provider comes with services and values. And this is what InfiniVAN, Inc. is all about. We are a communications provider that delivers dedication, commitment, and connectivity all at the same time. Yes, you read that part right. 

InfiniVAN and its Fiber4Business also provides your business with high-speed, secured, and reliable customer service teamed with accessible technical support. See? So, this is your chance to change for the best, the best Fiber Broadband Internet for your business, shift to InfiniVAN!