Top 5 Common Cybersecurity Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Reality bites, many businesses in the country have changed their working arrangements and habits that affected the working environment including the management of their Internet for Business in the Central Business District Areas or the (CBDs). 

And this situation made their access and connections way more vulnerable to cyber issues and threats. 

So, what are common mistakes that offices are accidentally or unintentionally committing? And are there ways to avoid them? Find out here:

1. Not putting enough attention on the basics: backups, strong passwords, & updated systems. Businesses and companies are prone to various security threats and attacks. 

That is why it is important to implement strong measures on basics and the core foundations of cybersecurity from threats such as ransomware and trojans to which IT people can sometimes forget.

2. Thinking of Security as just an IT Issue. As mentioned in, “Companies need to focus not only on protecting personally identifiable information (PII) but also on guarding intellectual property, trade secrets, research and development and more. Cybersecurity attacks impact organizations’ bottom line, financial position, reputation and operations, and having clear policies and processes in place will help companies and their employees to most effectively respond.”

Let us keep in mind that security is a huge factor and responsibility, especially for businesses and organizations.

3. Forgetting or not doing security testing. Without a doubt, it is of great importance to conduct a security check on your organization’s data and information security and implementations. 

Treating every information asset sensitive and important both external and internal data.

4. Not organizing complete permission and access levels. Many companies are commonly focused on their operations and services that tend to divide the attention needed for their office cyber security.

Thus, making an effort to organize your business security will provide you with the safety of data and information assets.

5. Being primarily dependent on anti-virus technologies. Getting anti-virus subscriptions is not a bad thing, but relying on those alone can never be enough. 

These anti-virus technologies are not sufficient to fight and prevent advanced and persistent cyber-attacks.

And there you have it, these are the common cybersecurity mistakes that ITs or Network Managers from different companies and organizations are often committed to.

And what is the best way to avoid these mistakes in your company? The answer is simple, getting INFORMED.

Proper knowledge and learning about Cyber Security can bring a lot of advantages for your company. From your Internet Service Provider to your security plans and executions, do not hesitate to get an expert to assist you.

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By Mhiduel Navarro