Top 5 Best Practices to Ensure Your Remote Workforce Stays Connected

BREAKING NEWS: In light of the Covid 19 fight and prevention in our country, we are implementing a mandatory skeleton workforce for the safety of our workers.

Tired of hearing this kind of news? Well, we have good and motivating things for you and your company!

Who would have thought that the current pandemic situation in our country would bring means and resources for all of us, is it a good thing? Get ready because this edition is indeed exciting! Time to find out. 

Instead of burying our days thinking about how hard things are with different heavy news, we will focus today on seeing the bright side and the opportunities that the situation is bringing us in our work lives

But before anything else, how is your working schedule? Are you part of the skeleton team or you are one of the brave souls conquering the outside world? So, this brings one of the most essential needs, especially for communication and connection. 

Here goes that role of the Internet (Yep, we just connected on that!). Due to the ongoing implementation of health protocols and restrictions, the majority of businesses in the Philippines are mandated to enforce a skeleton workforce.

What is this skeleton workforce? It is a way of minimizing interactions through a fewer number of employees to go or report directly to the office while the remaining are most put on a work-from-home arrangement. 

With this kind of set-up, various adjustments and offers are made by many Internet Providers in the Philippines. Making the Internet providers became the highlight and center of communication for the business industry. 

In line with this, we have prepared the top 5 best practices to ensure your remote workforce stays connected and well-communicated!

In one, two, three…

1. Firstly, provide your employees with clear communication. During these trying times, communication between employees and companies is crucial. 

Give them clear instructions on what to do and how the company is handling the situation. Make them feel that you as the company they are working for are accessible to their concerns and clarifications – with this, they will feel secure and motivated to continue even if they are working at home mode.

2. For our second best practice, make it a point to do great listening on both channels. Listening is not just done in person, thanks to advancement and technology, the Internet is now one of the most used communication tools (so, be it!)

If you will notice, many Internet Service Providers are marketing their modified offers that are designed to make communication better for the companies doing the remote work arrangements. So, this wipes out the excuse not to fully communicate and connect in this season that we have, don’t you think?

3. Moving forward with our third element is building connections and being available to the team whenever possible. Through consistent communication, we believe that every business or company can still work efficiently and effectively.

And it is mostly possible if these companies opt to practice building the right connections and productive team relationships amidst these work arrangements. How is that possible? As we have mentioned earlier, communication is key. 

When you as the head or leader of the organization provided them the message they need, all you can expect is productivity. And let strong connections strengthen your work bond with a reliable Internet provider.

4. Our second to the last but also most important practice is tracking your employees’ or team’s work progress. Now is the phase wherein you do the assessment and evaluation on how your team works.

When you are done with the updates, gathering, and listening, then your turn has come to view and know where the progress is. From their work schedules down to their weekly accomplishments, you may apply organizational skills and strategies to easily identify and distinguish their strengths and weaknesses during this challenging period. 

Moreover, being open on these matters is an integral part of staying connected to your teams. Remember, this is also a way of checking the progress and new ways to improve your business’s operations and productivity. Got it? Nice!

5. For our final practice, do not forget to collaborate and celebrate success! Keep in mind that all the hard work of your team is duly coordinated and deserves to be celebrated and recognized in such a way, don’t you agree?

We believe that productivity achieves best when well brainstormed, communicated, coordinated, and collaborated. Therefore, for your working people to feel the success of what they do, recognition, or just a simple celebration of victory will be of great value and motivation.

These days are not easy in many aspects. We have to admit that, both the employees and their companies are exerting their best efforts to meet good outputs & results as well as deliver the expectations. 

There you have it! If you are wondering if these practices ensure connection for your remote workforce, then we are giving you a sure yes!

For more than a year of being in quarantine, our country’s business sector suffered and lost huge amounts of capital, investment, and more. Thus, maintaining an effective workgroup to attend to the needs of every operation your organization has is also a challenge.

But, set your worries aside because there is always a solution for every problem. Agree? Definitely, and that is the reason why you came all the way here to learn and get informed (and you just made a great decision!).

Are we done yet? Not yet. Here is one great piece of advice in having an effective and healthy remote workforce for your company!

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By: Mhiduel Navarro