The Best Is Yet To Come: InfiniVAN Going Stronger! (Year-End Article)

In just a blink of an eye, we are now to face another year again full of aspirations and hopes to get better and stronger. Right? 

This year has been a great year for InfiniVAN, Inc. as it unveiled its rebranded campaign to promote its advancing and improving connectivity capabilities and services even during challenging times.

And before the year 2021 officially ends, let’s walk through on how we made it through this far amid the globally experienced new normal brought by the COVID Pandemic. 

Are you ready? May we present you some of the major highlights and milestones we made for this year:

To start with, InfiniVAN has been growing its network, services, and partners nationwide. The second year of the pandemic is indeed both a challenge and opportunity for the company – to the extent that we can become way more resourceful and observant of the current needs and requirements of the businesses working during this time.

That led the way for the company to form a Wholesale Team to oversee and manage partners and accounts nationwide. 

In continuous efforts of our technical network and implementation teams, we are expanding to serve and offer Internet for Business services mainly in the north and south areas of the country.

This is followed by our consistent efforts to establish and promote Fiber4Business through the power of available digital platforms. InfiniVAN, Inc. is actively participating in major webinars such FICTAP, PCTA, The Manila Times, and many more. 

As we grow in terms of functions and services, we also aim to grow and expand our partners and collaborations. 

Next to it is the refresher efforts of our sales and marketing teams who are now rebuilding connections with several businesses and companies through hybrid strategies of promotions and reach out activities, the recent one was the first caravan activity.

On top of everything, InfiniVAN, Inc. sticks to its core values and mission & vision. By continuing to adapt with the current business connection demands and needs, Fiber4Business grows further with various technologies to help companies improve their operations and functions.

So, cheers to the coming year! Together we will expand further and develop effective connection and communication with a stronger Internet for Business Provider – InfiniVAN! Providing more opportunities for fast and focused communication nationwide.

Happy New Year and Cheers to A Successful Year Ahead, Partners!

By Mhiduel Navarro