Stay Productive During Remote Works With These Helpful Tips!

It’s ECQ Season Again! 

With the current pandemic that the country is still experiencing, many businesses are still putting up alternative strategies and ways to cope with the situation.

Just recently, the Philippine government declared the most restricted quarantine classification which is the Enhanced Community Quarantine or ECQ in Metro Manila and other affected areas due to the Covid-19 Delta Variant. 

And for this, restrictions are at their peak allowing only very limited movement or mobilization within the affected areas including the Central Business District Areas (CBDs). 

In line with this, many companies are forced to implement alternative working arrangements for their employees to ensure the safety and spread of the mutated virus in their workplaces. Resulting in the Internet for Business connectivity concerns for both the employees and the company.

How do stay productive and connected during this challenging time? Let us show you some helpful tips!

1. Secure your Internet for Business – We are all aware and informed how essential fast and reliable connection such as business to effectively communicate its activities. Therefore, a lousy connection will hamper productivity as well as possible opportunities for the company. Who would want that, right?

2. When you are in an alternative working arrangement, don’t forget to communicate effectively – communication is one of the most important foundations of every business these days. With consistent connectivity, communication anytime and anywhere is possible. Moreover, practicing keeping up to date with the latest will help you and the company moving forward

3. Prioritize tasks efficiently – In order to finish the set of loads we have at work, we must know its urgency. Agree? Of course. Try making a list of what you should finish per day or per week so that you could easily monitor your progress when it comes to managing your deliverables adequately.

4. And when you are full of tasks, meeting deadlines, and the like – remember that it is okay to take some scheduled breaks as if you are in an actual office. Do not drain yourself too much, okay

5. Finally, do not hesitate to open your needs with your company or employer. Addressing your professional needs or other requirements that can help you to become more productive during this period is essential not only for the work you are dealing with but also for your physical and mental health. Appropriate support motivates each work.

And there you have it. Our top 5 connectivity and product ideas can help you boost your productivity and motivation while in an alternate work arrangement! 

You and your company can still be ahead of the curve despite the current changes that we are experiencing right now especially in the business world.

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By Mhiduel Navarro