Reliable, High-Speed, or Affordable Internet?


By Mhiduel Navarro

As the saying goes, you can never have it all. Does it also apply to your business connectivity needs?

For an Internet provider to be called a real player in providing effective access and connection, there are three (3) major traits that all businesses look into reliability, high-speed, and affordability. Yep, you read and hear these things every time you refer to the Internet.

So, here is the thing. There are many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the Philippines, yet many businesses are continuous on their scouts on which ISPs can deliver the right connection support they need. That is why choice is a tough one on this matter.

Defining an incredible ISP, it must have the following characteristics:

Speed and Technology – An efficient connection and communications provider must offer not only words but action. It must be committed to delivering quality high-speed connections backed-up with future-ready and quality technology. 

Related to this is the symmetrical speed because the demand in today’s world is equal when it comes to downloads and uploads. Believe it or not, the need for it increases every day.

Consistency – Another big word to prove. Value and service consistency in providing business Internet is a huge factor that affects organization productivity. 

And imagine your connection that keeps on disconnecting in the middle of your work. It can ruin your productivity, and in the worse case, it may lead to unwanted results. So, better keep this in mind!

Service and Support – Getting an Internet Provider in the Philippines, as mentioned above is a challenge for many decision-makers in the business sector. It might be a common thing, but it has a long-term impact on the organization or company.

Remember, service and support are the two most important factors to consider. Aim for a provider that acts on your business connection with less to zero downtime. Say no to latency and fluctuation – get a speedy connection (winks!).

Value-Added Services – Every business looks forward to service-driven ISPs, and we bet that you are one of them (the decision-makers, yes) that is why you are here. Aside from the common access features told earlier, it is also essential to experience value-added services.

These are the services that complete the role of an effective and efficient ISP. And as for the next normal stuff such as online business conferences, meetings, live streamings, and the like – Value Added Services make it more convenient for such a business to experience. It is of great value to explore more opportunities despite the physical hindrances that most of the world is experiencing right now. 

Go for it, simply because your business deserves it as well!

Cost – An Internet Service Provider that can provide guaranteed support and services at reasonable prices is a great catch! Why? Let us admit that one of all businesses’ major concerns is the availability and affordability of the service they are getting. 

Keep in mind that being reasonable with these services is as important as aiming for your company’s success. Being justified by what you pay for is like building a good link with your partners. 

So, what would you choose? Is it an ISP that could offer a lesser cost but with limited services or an ISP that could provide your organization with everything your organization needs at competitively priced rates? 

Still in the clouds of thoughts? Alright, let us dig deeper into what is better for your company’s Internet for Business requirements. 

Like we talked about earlier, those characteristics are very essential. Those are important factors that will not just benefit your company but also can lead to more prospects for your operations and other business-related transactions.

This answers the question of what your business should choose. Another why? 

See this five-step approach from

  1. Get the ISP that offers the caliber of service that meets your business needs.
  2. Go for an ISP with a scalable and flexible connection.
  3. Pick the ISP that provides your business with the level of customer support your organization needs.
  4. Select a provider that delivers Internet service to your location.
  5. Subscribe to an ISP that you can trust.

Reliable, High-speed, or Affordable Internet for Business? Choose no more if your company can have it all. 

It is what InfiniVAN Fiber4Business is all about. A telecommunications company that not just offers but provides what your company needs. 

One of the best Internet Service Providers in the Philippines and a fast-growing telecommunications company that is committed to delivering the best Unlimited Fiber Broadband Internet next to your business doorstep!

InfiniVAN provides Dedicated Fiber for Business Connection, Guaranteed Speed and Cyber Security, and Responsive Customer Service – everything that a business needs when it comes to incredible Internet for your company.

So, what are you waiting for? Let your business experience real connectivity services and support. Succeed with us!

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