Reconnect and Rebuild: InfiniVAN’s Flash Journey in 2020 (Year-End Special)

Reconnect-and-rebuild 2020

It is the perfect time to reconnect and rebuild, partners!

2020 is the year that nobody would ever want to revisit again and at the same time, a year that the world would remember because it brought all the connections, resiliency, and patience from one individual to an organization. And yes, we did it!

With this, InfiniVAN, Inc. would like to take this moment to give thanks as well as share its swift journey throughout 2020 that takes us to a new level of committed actions to provide the connectivity needs of our partners from different businesses. 

Let us highlight the top 3 lessons and breakthroughs that we discovered and continue to improve with our valued partners:

  1. Resiliency. Apart from it is one of the known Filipino great traits, InfiniVAN also embodied it through its unstoppable connectivity service and reliable ISP Network Security and support. Despite the challenges that existed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Fiber4Business remained to stand still while doing its action as an Internet Service Provider with security to its clients.
  1. InfiniVAN has innovated in terms of providing a secure Internet for Business. A secured internet connection gives peace of mind for the clients, in line with the countless data coming in and out during their access. Who would not want that?

Relative to this is the partnership we have with The Manila Times, during these trying times proved that stable and safe access is guaranteed with Fiber4Business!

  1. For our last highlight this unforgettable year is Fiber4Business being able to serve available, fast, and focus Internet access to our clients when all the world needed to slow down and put us physically away from work. 

InfiniVAN won’t let a business down through its mission to deliver guaranteed connection added by its powerfully built Internet security. Because with Fiber4Business, we believe that technology is a never-ending advancement, and one way to get along with it is by having the right and best-fit Internet connectivity.

As to what we have experienced, stable connectivity is truly an edge and a bridge to all industries and sectors these days.     

What makes it essential? If it is an Internet Service Provider with Cyber Security! Said crisis brought up the importance of having a controlled and protected Internet for Business Connectivity.

Therefore, connectivity support that can deliver can also provide the connectivity value you deserve. It is what InfiniVAN Fiber4Business is all about! 

At InfiniVAN, we won’t let you down! Together, we will rise above these challenges. We will face another year full of goals and passion! 

Here’s to a more connected and resilient year ahead, partners! InfiniVAN greets you with a fresh and hopeful new year!