InfiniVAN, Inc. conducts client visit and technical inspection at CEISSAFP

QUEZON, CITY — InfiniVAN Team visited one of its valued government partners, the Communications Electronics and Information Systems Service – Armed Forces of the Philippines or CEISSAFP on December 1 to conduct client onsite visit and technical inspection.

CEISSAFP is the communications and technical network arm of the Armed Forces of the Philippines which InfiniVAN has been serving with dedicated Internet connection since February 2020. The said office uses InfiniVAN’s Fiber4Business as its major ISP for its operations and transactions since its installment.

To add, CEISSAFP is a support unit of AFPGHQ that provides communications, electronics and information systems services and facilities for the effective command, control, and administration of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. 

Para sa amin, satisfied talaga kami kay InfiniVAN, ‘yung Tech Support kapag tinawagan mo, sagot kaagad – one to two hours or less, they can restore right away, parang in a year, twice pa lang yung naging minor problem encounter namin with InfiniVAN. And InfiniVAN is the most reliable Internet Service Provider we have.” Said A1C Frankline G. Gonzales PAF, Network Specialist – CEISSAFP.

In addition to this, A1C Gonzales also mentioned that everytime that they were asked what ISP provides quality and dependable support, number one on their list is InfiniVAN. As it gives primarily Internet quality and direct to NOC customer service with less to zero hassle to every activities, concerns, and operations that they are doing within the camp.

Overall, A1C Gonzales concluded that the whole office is satisfied with InfiniVAN’s Fiber4Business support and recommends it as well to other camp offices within AFP.

Said office unit is InfiniVAN’s benchmark in getting by the AFP and has been a partner customer for approximately 3 years now.

InfiniVAN, Inc. is continuous in expanding its network and connection capabilities to provide dedicated and highly-reliable Internet for Business connectivity. 

Moreover, as Fiber4Business grows its connection in the Metro and other areas nationwide, committed customer service and communication are two of the most important factors that the company is continuously advancing.


By Mhiduel Navarro