How to web safely? Meet Cyberinc.


By Mhiduel Navarro

Does your job or company heavily rely on the use of the Internet? The answer, most definitely!

With the recent happenings in most parts of the world, particularly the COVID-19 Pandemic – the Internet turned out to be the gateway of communications and information. And this resulted in more input of information from general to confidential data. 

This brings up one of the very important and prevalent questions these days for many businesses, are we safely browsing or surfing the Internet? 

Keep reading ‘cause surely you will get not just the answer but the solution you have been looking for (trust us!).

Talking about cybersecurity or Internet security, businesses and corporations are still in the works of strengthening the measure of their online security because of the continuous upgrade and happenings in the virtual world.

Breaking down the points, let us first know the meaning and significance of Internet security. When you focus on Secure Internet for Business, it is meant for having the needed protection for the computers and computer networks that are linked to the Internet.

Read on as we deepen your understanding of cyber security. We will provide you with these helpful notes, pens ready?

Let us start with the enumeration of different cyber threats or attacks. These are the ten common cyber threats to watch out for:

  1. Malware – this is software that performs a malicious task on its target.
  2. Phishing – refers to an email-borne attack that includes email tricking.
  3. Spear Phishing – is a more sophisticated phishing attack.
  4. Man in the Middle (MitM) Attack – a type of attack that positions between the sender and recipient of e-messages and intercepts them.
  5. Trojans – this intrudes a target system looking like one thing.
  6. Ransomware – a kind of threat that involves encrypting of data on the target system.
  7. Denial of Service attack or Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDoS) – this where the attacker takes over many devices.
  8. Attacks on IoT Devices – this is also a type of attack wherein hackers take over a device.
  9. Data Breaches – refers to data theft from a malicious actor.
  10. Malware on Mobile Apps – from the name itself, this targets mobile devices with malware attacks.

So, why should companies look after their cyber security?

According to, with the growing number of Internet use, there is also an increasing number of computer security breaches being experienced by some businesses. Moreover, reports were saying that 80% of the breaches came from inside the enterprise. Not a good sign, right?

How to take control of this situation then? 

Enterprise or company owners need to identify and learn their business’s risks and vulnerabilities, this is one important action to prevent unwanted attacks and online damages that could cause the company such trouble.

However, we have good news that could help your company to avoid any of those mentioned threats. 

Firstly, always consider an ISP Network Security with strong and effective security platforms to take care of your access and Internet connectivity. An Internet Service Provider with cyber security packages helps your business to be more confident with its operations and transactions. 

Furthermore, a cyber security measure takes over with your enterprise’s essential data and information keeping it away from any cyber-attack and threat. Yet, as a business owner or responsible person in your organization, careful assessment, as well as evaluation of the cyber security offer/package, is important too.

Any idea of an Internet Service Provider in the Philippines that can fully offer and support your corporate connection with speed and security?

Search no more because we got your business covered with InfiniVAN Fiber4Business featuring Cyberinc.

Now, the question is, who and what is Cyberinc? Cyberinc is one of the valued partners of InfiniVAN, Inc. in line with providing businesses and enterprises with high quality of guaranteed speed and cyber security. 

Cyberinc with its browser isolation helps your company to experience a safer and more secure Internet connection by proactively stopping web, email, and document-based threats. 

Besides, Cyberinc’s Isla Isolation Platform is grounded on the principle of Zero Trust Security as well as uses cutting-edge technology to neutralize threats and prevent them before these attacks have a chance to act, simplifying the security strategy and delivering immediate protection for the company.

How is that? This partnership aims to provide both the need for super-fast connectivity, reliability and ensured cyber security. It will take your business to a whole lot of opportunities with its powered security features. 

Imagine a business being served with high-speed Internet connectivity and guaranteed quality security; probably you will ask if there is an ISP that can do such, right?

Of course, it’s InfiniVAN Fiber4Business! So, secure your connectivity doubts and subscribe to your dependable partner in the connected world. Get no hesitations with Fiber4Business teamed with Cyberinc.