How To Motivate Your Team’s Productivity This New Normal?

By Mhiduel Navarro

Many employees have already experienced being enclosed with a smaller space of workstations all because of this New Normal, and sadly, it wasn’t an easy adjustment for the most. How to keep them going?

Our current situation created another highway unprepared for several sectors in the business industry. This made a huge impact not only on how people live but also how people do their jobs. And we know, productivity is one of the most important things when it comes to achieving business success.

With that being said, workers are valuable assets of each company, they do most of the executions and contribute to the flow of ideas for every organization, to that it is a great mission to keep them dynamic in doing their roles. Worry no more because here’s a list of what you can apply!

  1. Focus on your teams’ health and well-being. With all the health concerns and restrictions happening, it’s important to let them know that they are safe even when doing their parts.
  2. Build and promote effective business continuity plans. Lessen your employees’ worries by keeping them informed with clear and concise plans of the company with the current situation.
  3. Communicate with them often. Stay connected with your team and know how they are doing whether daily or weekly, just let them know that it can still be a bit normal despite the New Normal.

There you have it, makes sense? We hope it does! Just always keep in mind that workers or employees are capable of feeling suffocated especially with this new setup brought by the pandemic, letting them feel of their importance to the organization boost their productivity and morale.

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