How much Internet speed do you need?

A deep dive on building up your business

With online meetings now the trend and going on an actual meeting or online event requires a bunch of safety requirements, there comes the dependability with one of the fast-advancing communication tools – the Internet (Yep, we hear you!)

First of all, we know the reason why you landed here, you are searching for the right Internet Service Provider that can help you further and fasten up your company’s efficiency and productivity, right?

So, let’s talk about everything about Internet service for businesses here in the Philippines. According to the recent study from, it was recorded that the fastest Internet speed in the country is 22.5 Mbps by download from one of the existing local ISPs. 

Moreover, a report from 2019 stated that the Philippines is still below the global average, causing many companies from different sectors and industries to experience the same old problem when it comes to virtual accessibility and the like – SLOW INTERNET CONNECTION. 

Is there a provider that could offer & deliver a solution to this?

With several enterprises and companies here in the country that are in their growing phase, requiring high demand access to Internet service and communications packages, it is an edge to get a provider that can give faster, reliable, & suitable Internet for Business connection. Make sense?

The question is, do the current connectivity providers deliver the right speed that these establishments need? And what is the suited speed for such a business? Here’s a deep dive on the things you and your company need to know and consider when choosing the ideal Internet for your business:

  • When you are planning to upgrade or switch your business’s access and connection, you may opt to get Fiber Connection. Why? Fiber connectivity is the latest and advanced Internet technology to serve the fastest and reliable accessibility.
  • A business or enterprise, depending on its size – from small to medium going to large enterprises, it is advisable to consider the number of users/employees including the type or nature of operations being conducted. And for your to have a clearer understanding, see below common business activities with bandwidth estimates:
  • Basic email = 1 Mbps
  • Cloud backup = 2 Mbps
  • Cloud-based services = 5 Mbps
  • Cloud computing = 2 Mbps
  • Data transfer = 2 Mbps
  • An email with attachments = 15 Mbps
  • File sharing = 5 Mbps/500 Kbps
  • General web browsing = 0.33 Mbps/333 Kbps
  • General Wi-Fi use = 1 Mbps
  • High-definition video (HD video) = 4 Mbps
  • Instant messaging = 5 Mbps/500 Kbps
  • Online banking and bookkeeping = 2 Mbps
  • Online research = 33 Mbps/333 Kbps
  • Social media scheduling = 2 Mbps/200 Kbps
  • Streaming a webinar = 5 Mbps (high definition video may require more)
  • Streaming online training courses = 5 Mbps (high definition video may require more)
  • Uploading photos = 5 Mbps
  • Uploading large files = 2 Mbps
  • Video conferencing = 4 Mbps
  • VoIP calls = 1 Mbps/100 Kbps
  • VoIP video calls = 28 Mbps


But wait, these are only estimates of our daily doings at work that consume Internet bandwidth. How about the factors that may limit your Internet access? Read further below lifts published from How Much Bandwidth Do I Need For My Business:

  • The size and shape of your office. If you’re using Wi-Fi, walls can significantly reduce signal strength.
  • Outdated software. Install any updates for operating systems, apps, and devices to reduce any lags in internet speed.
  • Using a residential internet plan for your business. A business internet connection often includes additional features that can increase your speed. Businesses using residential internet rather than business-specific plans are not getting the most effective internet service for their money.


  • Talking about the prices and plans being offered, are they worth the cost or just another headache to watch out for? Generally speaking, Internet plans are normally priced according to speed and services to be provided. 
  • Moving forward, there are now numbers of ISPs in the country, but what makes them fit for your company’s connectivity? A dependable Internet Provider must be able to take care of your mission-critical services and operations. 
  • Also, your organization’s access and communications must be never at stake, having a speedy connection determines not only your services but also your company’s integrity. 

A good rule of thumb is to always know what is important for your business to never or at least avoid zero downtime, especially during this peak season. And here we will introduce you to an Internet Provider Philippines to let you experience a future-proof connectivity and communication services.

So, where then to find the right  Internet Service Provider Philippines to offer your company not just words and promises but only the fastest and most reliable Internet for Business Connectivity? 

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By: Mhiduel Navarro