How Has The Pandemic Affected Mental & Work Productivity? (InfiniVAN talks about Professional and Mental Health)

Life began to slow down right after the implementation of lockdowns here and around the globe, all because of the fast spread of COVID-19 Pandemic. From casual walks in the morning to staying at home for almost three months now have been a great leap for everyone to avoid further infestation of the said virus. 

With this unexpected twist, many sectors got highly affected by the forced measures to prevent this pandemic. One of the unwanted results is the mental health concern of many, mainly the professionals who’ve been thinking about what tomorrow may bring them. This is a serious matter that everyone must be aware of and who knows if someone in your office feels similar to this?

Now, we have prepared some bits of advice to help boost and lift everyone’s unstoppable energy and seek the positive side despite this crisis and emerging adjustments: 

  • Know thyself. Always consider the importance of both your physical and mental health.
  • Keep your regular thing/s: waking up, healthy eating, and sleeping including your habits.
  • Have an open line as always: whether in person or through online, just keep on connecting. This will ease some tension!
  • Breathe in. Breathe out. Think of optimistic possibilities instead of negative thoughts. (But, make sure you’re away from the virus!)
  • Go after with only reliable news and sources; just listen and watch what is necessary especially with the current situation.
  • As much as possible, think of your work process as usual with minimal changes; if you’re working from home, feel at your work table as if you’re at a real workstation. 
  • Continue exploring sensible stuff to feed your productivity even if you’re working remotely.

These things are just a summary of how we should look up to our sanity. For what it’s worth, having a strong mental capacity is one huge way to get over this challenging period. No matter how tough this journey and uncertain the days are going to be, know that we should all care for ourselves. 

Don’t let the unwanted feelings of this pandemic ruin your career goals, instead, you may opt to think of the opportunities it may offer in the long run. Being passionate about your productivity diverts a healthier mindset rather than worrying about the negative feeds. Be UNSTOPPABLE!

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Let’s get through this, we will heal as one!

By: Mhiduel Navarro