Business Guide to A High-Speed Internet for Business, Does It Really Matter?

Communication that is fast and convenient for many businesses and companies entails the service that is now turned into a necessity, the Internet.

The Internet for Business these days plays an essential role in many industries especially in the Central Business District Areas (CBDs) in Metro Manila. That is why the need for reliable access and connection have increased over a year after the pandemic hit the world.

Speaking of which, aside from this connectivity demand is the increase in the exchange of information and digital assets actively happening online – yes! Huge leap of advancement.

How to make things work when your business connectivity and data are constantly changing? 

With all the talks about the Internet, we have come up with a guide for your business to get connected with high-speed Internet for Business and why it matters. 

Now, we are all set, let us start off with:

  • The Importance today of the Internet for Business.

Looking around several advertisements and promotions, most of the Internet Providers in the Philippines for Business highlight their speeds along with additional promos. It is because the number 1 requirement that these providers must have is speedy connectivity.

Apparently, the faster the connection, the more things can be done. Fast connection builds up more quality and productivity at work. With the ins and outs of information these days, faster and more efficient access is required for such a business operation. Right?

Moreover, businesses have varied devices used at their productivity floor, making it more evident on the need of unbuffered and stable Internet connection. It is today’s fuel when it comes to having effective communication. 

  • Once speed is determined, time to test it!

When looking for a provider, you must have the bandwidth or Internet plan requirement for your business, then do the speedtest. Aside from direct comparison from other ISPs, you – as part of the evaluation or decision-making team – must do comparison on how it performs according to your business’s day-to-day doings or transactions as well.

We should always remember that with the emergence of different Internet Service Providers in the Philippines for Business, picking the right one might be a little tricky. That is why for this guide, we will provide you with the best rundown of reference bullets you may consider as one of your bases in dealing with getting your high-speed connectivity.

The bottomline here is every company, no matter how big or small, deserves to get a top notch connectivity service to achieve the quality it pays for.

  • Next, when you are done with the assessment, try on UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD!

Looking at the numbers from your speedtest, we now move on with its performance proper and there are only two ways to find out: do some downloads and uploads! Exciting, isn’t it?

For many companies, symmetric speed is highly valuable and of great importance. This step determines how good or better the Internet Service Providers in the Philippines for Business are. 

In this guide, you have to center your attention on the accurate results based on your speedtest among the potential providers you are up to. 

For the download, do not forget to check on the loading time, connection response, getting a file from your work email, and the like. As for the upload on the other hand, you must assess how the speed travels when you do the sending of files (from light to heavy ‘bytes” of files), postings, and similar activities. 

Let us avoid the hassle of turtle connectivity and slow-mo uploads, it is not good for the business! 

Got it? Stay right where you are because we’re not yet finished with all the speed and connection service. 

  • This is followed by checking in your office activities that highly require Internet connectivity.

We know for sure that when it comes to work/company connectivity, businesses have no time to deal with lags and buffered access. Because who would want to submit their reports late or be tagged as absent during meetings – hassle and sure hit of a headache!

And of course, we do not want that, here goes the essentiality of knowing completely the technical and connectivity requirements of your business or the company you are working for. 

It is suggested here to make a list day-to-day activities relating to connectivity doings under each department and conduct a comprehensive evaluation on the need, also include the emergency and urgent need of high-speed connectivity especially for corporate communication.

The more online activities, the higher speeds it requires to avoid unnecessary interruptions during the operation and business production. So, if you will notice, Corporate Internet Service Providers in the Philippines usually offer dedicated connections.

So, what is a dedicated business connectivity

For quick review, a dedicated business Internet access is commonly defined as one’s company or business access only. The company has the sole accessibility and bandwidth connection.

  • Alright, now we are down to our last guide note for this edition, your business’s bandwidth and latency.

Speed. High-speed Internet access is the most important element we want to highlight in this guide. It is important to know how much bandwidth you will be getting in order to support your business’s connectivity requirements to achieve and maintain productivity. Don’t you agree? 

So, let us differentiate bandwidth and latency to know why these two are important factors to get an ultra-fast high-speed Internet connection for your business. 

Bandwidth is the maximum number of data transfer rates of your Internet connection. While, latency is described as the delay before an online information or data begins to transfer. 

Therefore, as you see, your bandwidth is closely related to the possibilities of latency that your business may experience. Is it clearer now? That is what we aim for!

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By Mhiduel Navarro