5 Ways To Speed Up A Slow Internet Streaming Service


By Mhiduel Navarro

It is a productive working day. You are up for a series of online business meetings, set your materials right, and then when you enter the online meeting room, a buffered connection comes to interrupt your anticipated smooth working day.

Sounds hassle and itchy on the head, right? With the continuous changes brought about by the 2020’s biggest story highlight, the Covid 19 Pandemic; when most of the world became wholly dependent on the use of streaming services available on the Internet. 

But, here in the Philippines as we all know, the struggle is real to get a reliable Internet connection. There goes the urgent quality need of every business, a speedy and unfailing Internet for business service available 24/7.

That is why picking the right Internet Service Provider in the Philippines for Business or an ISP is a challenge for many companies these days. Getting back to one of the in-demand online services or activities is the online streaming service. First, how do we define this type of service?

Online streaming service is usually known as the kind of service which delivers quality video, music, or any multimedia content over the Internet. For the corporate side, streaming services are mostly used for their online events, presentations, meetings, and the like.

This gives us the idea of having quality, reliable, and ultrafast connectivity are all essential when it comes to doing such online activity. However, what will happen if a business continues to experience access and connectivity disruptions during its streaming activities?

Of course, this will lead to inefficiency and ineffectiveness of its services and it will reflect on its image in delivering its products and services to the customers. As we always ask, who would want that thing to happen? 

Hold up, because in this edition we got something for you and your business to rely on when it comes to speeding up your online streaming activities!

Alright. We know that you have been waiting for this, so we are sharing the five ways to speed up a slow Internet streaming service. 

See below Five Essential Key Points and let these be your guide to choosing or upgrading your current Internet for Business Provider:

  1. Starting with the basics, always do check your data cap. Be mindful that many Internet Service Providers in the Philippines for Business do not state or include to their promotion the data cap of their Internet plans. (Better be watchful than regretful!)
  2. Next is for one of your business’s physical connection devices, the router. Just like any other device, routers also need some restart and short breaks to regain their capacity to provide efficient business connection. Doing streaming activities also boosts its normal capability. Remember, devices work best when handled correctly!
  3. Let us now move forward with the ads popping in and out of your streaming activity. While doing live or usual streaming, you will notice a few online advertisements that also affect your online presence; therefore, you have the option to block it to have a smooth online stream. 
  4. This is followed by getting and installation of virus and malware scanners. Why? Because in doing live streams your business is also prone to several types of malware as well as cyber-attacks. Moreover, the number of viewers that you allow in seeing your stream must be controlled.
  5. Lastly, note that you can ALWAYS consult and ask for the right connectivity plan for your business from your ISP. An Internet Provider in the Philippines for Business shall be able to respond to its client needs and requirements, especially in attending and supporting their daily operations.

There you go, easy to note and remember kinds of stuff when looking for ways in speeding up your slow business Internet service. We know that these days are also tough because of the current situation and the holiday season coming in. Making a lot of businesses and companies create their promos and strategies. 

Awesome, right? Wait, we are not yet done! We still have few insights to share with you as you go along with your access and connectivity journey. 

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