5 Practices To Prevent Latency

5 Practices To Prevent Latency

Have you ever heard of the word latency? What is the meaning and connection of this to your business?

Latency is a word that refers to the delay before a transfer of data begins following an instruction for its transfer. When it comes to your connectivity needs, latency is an effect that hampers your Internet for Business connection.

As for many businesses in our country, the Internet has now become an imperative need from the minor to major activities and operations of companies. Speaking especially from those establishments moving forward despite the on-going challenge that the world is experiencing.

So, it pays to understand the basic or fundamental details about latency and how to prevent this unwanted encounter. That is why we are here!

Just an overview, the latest and yet most effective breakthrough in delivering high speed, quality Internet connectivity is Fiber Internet. And we bet that you already have the right idea about fiber connectivity, right?

But, just in case you need a refresher, here is a quick review just for you! Fiber access is offered and served by Fiber Optic Internet Providers in the Philippines, this Fiber-optic Internet is defined as broadband access that can go up to 940 Megabits per second (Mpbs) having low lag time. Sounds great? Of course!

And now, going back to our main topic, what are the most effective ways to prevent latency?

Have no worries because we already have something prepared for you to refer to. 

Below are the most found top 5 effective and efficient ways to prevent experiencing latency on your office connectivity:

  1. First on our list is to flatten your business/office media files. We should be mindful of the fact that whatever searches, activities, or transactions we do online have contents being stored whether from your upload or download.

What is its relevance to latency? The heavier the content file is, the more data is consumed which leads to slower loading times. Such a hassle. To stay away from this incident, try to compress your media files, we believe that for a usual reference, we do not need high-resolution images and the like. 

  1. Our next strategy is to create lesser HTTP requests. Before anything else, what is an HTTP request? Well, as defined in one of our sources, HTTP requests are made when your web content is called by its browser for loading.

In easier terms, each content file is retrieved from the server to present on its browser. Simply, we apply here, “less is better” (high five!)

  1. Third, on our list is the utilization of a Content Delivery Network or CDN. This is used to make your work web assets load faster. You should not be confused about the hosting, with CDN – it works on the speedy delivery of data through storing multiple data on local or closest servers. 

Continue on learning, we have got more for you!

  1. Next is setting up browser caching. Let us admit it, not all employees in your company are “technically aware” of the thing that your browser does. 

So, for everyone’s knowledge, be it noted that for every website loading, your 

the browser needs to download all the web content and files to properly show the page you need or looking for.

  1. And that fast, we are now down to our last recommended way to avoid or get rid of latency experienced at work – get the right and suitable hosting. The Fiber Internet Connection in the Philippines proposes a better internet experience and low latency in several businesses.

And by choosing the right hosting, your access and connectivity will be as smooth as you want. Wait, is productivity coming up on your mind? Yes, productivity is on its way!

There you have it, the top 5 speedy ways to remove latency from your daily work stress! Who would have thought that there are these convenient and easy to learn techniques to prevent such network problems?

This again relates with different Fiber Internet Service Providers in the Philippines, as the company’s decision-maker, IT Manager, or responsible for picking the suitable provider, make sure that you put into consideration the latency factors. Always!

Because the best Fiber Internet in the Philippines will offer you not just connectivity but valuable communications services which includes guaranteed low to zero latency experience. 

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By Mhiduel Navarro